A downloadable game for Windows


Build Break Go! - Made by Mightyjor and Treblig-Punisher

Restriction: Multi-Use

- Reuse assets from community levels in your own levels that you share!

Theme: Turn Up the Heat

- Upgrade level assets to increase the Heat! The hotter the level, the harder it is! Take on high heat levels as an additional challenge!

STEP 1 - Build a Level!

STEP 2: Share Your Levels!

1) Beat the stage you created and get the level data
2)  Paste the level data in the comments of this game, it should look something like this, (possibly much longer depending on how much is in the level):

^^^^^ This is your level data!^^^^^

STEP 3: Play Community Levels!

1) Copy the data from one of the comments similar to that shown above:

**Note** if you don't copy this data exactly, the game will crash on you when you try to load it. Start at the open bracket and end at the closed bracket.

2)  Click the *Load* button on the main game screen.

STEP 4: Upgrade Your Assets!

In-Game Shortcuts

  • Tab- Show/Hide Rectangle Selection Toolbar
  • Right Click - Deletes  Items
  • Ctrl + Right Click -  Disables Painting 
  • Ctrl + Right Click - Deletes all selected Items
  • Left Click - Adds Item on Empty Area
  • Ctrl + A  - Selects All Items(Currently missing some objects not added due to time constrains)
  • Alt+A - Deselects All Selected Items


Code - Mightyjor
Art, Aditional SFXs & Code - Treblig-Punisher

Parts of this tileset were used: https://craftpix.net/freebies/free-medieval-ruins-cartoon-2d-tileset/

SFX: Zapsplat.com

Music: Main menu theme: https://soundcloud.com/muzstation-game-music/space-music-themes-puzzle-casual-ga...


Build Break Go 2_0.zip 15 MB
Build Break Go!.zip 11 MB

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