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MUSIC THAT CAN CHANGE IN YOUR GAME DEPENDING ON THE CONTEXT!  14 different variations on a single theme!

Have you ever wanted to make a game where the music smoothly transitioned between an exploration theme and a combat theme without cutting the track or having an awkward fade into the beginning of the song? Well want no more, that is EXACTLY what this music pack does.

Contextual Music Vol. 1 is actually one musical idea, morphed into multiple looping arrangements so that tracks can be switched back and forth without an awkward transition. 


- The character jumps into a new world (music plays the world theme)

- The character dives underwater (music switches to a n underwater theme of the same song)

- The character enters a witches hut (music changes to a minor , more creepy version of the same song)

**Please Note** A  few of these songs have different tempos and are best used for menus, credits, cutscenes, etc.

Enjoy! Be sure to rate the collection and let me know if you use it in a project! Hearing my music in games is the whole reason I started writing music.

License Info: You may use this music in any context you like with the exception of redistributing the asset without my permission (if you intend to redistribute it, just ask and let me know the context). Can be used in any personal or commercial projects. Music is royalty free. No credit necessary but always appreciated . 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this soundtrack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Contextual Music.rar 10 MB

Download demo

Contextual Music Sample.mp3 378 kB
Contextual Music Sample2.mp3 342 kB
Contextual Music Sample3.mp3 471 kB


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I'm gonna try them on my YT vids

These songs are very cool! I really like how they weave into each other, so I did that in my jam game Roboballer


Game was great! Thanks so much for sharing, loved your game.

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Hallo! I'm gonna use ur music in my game!

will credit u in the game:D


Excited to see it!

Hello! I just saw that this music has now been changed to Not Free does that mean i have to pay? I got this music bundle from when it was free:(

Nope! Go ahead and use it to your hearts content :)

Oh! Thanks:-) 

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Hello MightyJor!

I used your music in my game.....

Postman Jr.

Thank you so much for such great music :)

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Awesome thanks so much for letting me know! Excited to check if out :)

Nice! I love it. Feel free link link this in my discord #free-stuff if you want. 

Will do, thanks

Wow, your music is amazing! Thanks for making this available for us to use!


absolutely! I’d love to see how you use it!