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These songs are very cool! I really like how they weave into each other, so I did that in my jam game Roboballer


Game was great! Thanks so much for sharing, loved your game.

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Hallo! I'm gonna use ur music in my game!

will credit u in the game:D

Excited to see it!

Hello! I just saw that this music has now been changed to Not Free does that mean i have to pay? I got this music bundle from when it was free:(

Nope! Go ahead and use it to your hearts content :)

Oh! Thanks:-) 

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Hello MightyJor!

I used your music in my game.....

Postman Jr.

Thank you so much for such great music :)

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Awesome thanks so much for letting me know! Excited to check if out :)

Nice! I love it. Feel free link link this in my discord #free-stuff if you want. 

Will do, thanks

Wow, your music is amazing! Thanks for making this available for us to use!


absolutely! I’d love to see how you use it!