A downloadable game for Windows

Pedal Power, the infamous Mario Party game that forced Nintendo to fork up over 80 million in lawsuit damages, has been remade. It also happens to be Ludum Dare this weekend and I made this in just a few hours, so I rebranded it for submission. 

*Some people have said the game is getting flagged as a virus, not sure why. I was told to upload to google drive and that might solve the problem, so here’s the link:


**GMS2 for some reason doesn't allow access to your clipboard with HTML, so there’s sadly no web build (through itch).   If Web build is your only option, you can access it on  Opera GX here (you have to download their browser) :    https://gxc.gg/games/b7b79ade-c86b-4093-ae81-c86f8149c509/tracks/1df0cd81-9fbe-4...


Area 49 - WINDOWS 13 MB

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