A downloadable game for Windows

Made in a week for Xanderjam 6: Theme - Survival of the Fittest. You must escape from the planet, destroying the apex predators and leaving behind your fellow soldiers who frankly aren't all that athletic and a bit lazy.

Escape from a planet infested with bugs in what could be the bloodiest game ever made, though you can change the amount of gore on the first screen.

Mouse/Keyboard Controls:

WASD or Arrows: Move

Mouse: Aim

Left click (once unlocked): Shoot

Right click (once unlocked): Grenade

Gamepad Controls:

Left stick: Move

Right stick: Aim

Left trigger: Jump

Right trigger: Shoot

Right bumper: Grenade


Music, Sound, Code, Design and Character/Enemy Art by Mightyjor

Other SFX = Zapsplat.com

Tileset and Environmental art: https://maaot.itch.io/mossy-cavern

Spaceship: MillionthVector (http://millionthvector.blogspot.de)


BAGU - Windows.zip 54 MB


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NEEDS MORE VIOLENCE!! And maybe some bug fixes lol