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Demon Dance - Made for GMC Jam 40 in 72 hours

Compete for the high score in our online leaderboard in this dancing  rhythm game!


All art, code, and sfx were created for this jam in the jam period. Game was created in GMS 2.3.

Code: Twintertainment 

Art: Mightyjor

Music: Brettbit 

SFX: Brettbit/Mightyjor

Announcer: Amber (Mightyjor’s wife)

Special tools: 

Pixel Planet Generator -


Starry BG Generator-



CG_DemonDance.zip 14 MB

Development log


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Visuals and audio were on point. It's hard to make a system that feels synced to the beat. I had fun :)

Really creative use of the assets, kinda psychedelic almost. I also like the announcer encouraging if you do it well.

The music is awesome. Loved the art in the background as well.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it ;)