Made for Ludum Dare Compo in 48 Hours.  All  art, music, code, game design,  and sound effects were created for the jam with 48 hour time period.

Tools used: 

Engine - Gamemaker Studio 2.3

Music - Mixcraft 9 


Art - GMS2 sprite editor

Palette - Cyclope6 by Royal_Naym (from

Dive deep into the earth and upgrade your ship as you get the highest score you can!


Earth Diver Source Code WEB.yyz 3 MB
EarthDiver 11 MB
Earth Diver Source Code Windows.yyz 3 MB


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Super cool game man, love the retro style and it really gets crazy later in the game

Dang nice job! I think you got higher than my score!

Cool Game! the art is really nice ad I'm impressed this was made in such a short amount of time!

Thanks a lot BBOMB!