A Bullet Hell for Mobile!

You're an egg that's fallen out of a nest. Before you fall to your inevitable doom, you're going to cause as much carnage as humanly possible by destroying everything in side with your detachable shells.

Made with a combination of 2 different themes from Utah Local Indie Jam and Opera GX Mobile Jam:

RECONNECT (connect the shells and separate them)

KEEP MOVING (endless faller/bullet hell, game ends when  you hit the ground)


- 5 different types of enemies!

- Unique shell attack and retrieval mechanic!

- Endless replayability!


Mobile: Press on screen to close shell/move. Let go to punch and destroy!

Mouse: Same, but tapping is just pressing the left mouse button


Code, Art, Game Design - Mightyjor

Music - Josh Sohn

Sound Effects - Mightyjor, Zapsplat.com


Gamemaker (engine)

Sketch (app for android)

Inkscape (vector art logo and gradient)

Github (version control)


Eggy Drop.zip
Eggy Drop - **OUTDATED** Jam Version.zip 18 MB


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Very cool!! I got 103 as my highscore, I don't know if that's good or not, but it's a very fun game none the less. Great are, and nice cruchy sound effects!

very fun but for now there's no stopping me to just afk and hold left click

thanks! You will actually die if you hit the bottom of the screen, and the lower you are the closer you are to spawning hazards, so it’s actually a prettt dangerous strategy :)

very fun

SO GOOD!!! Lol, super excited to see how high of a score I can get once the jam is over!!