A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Ready Set Jam and possibly NoticeMe Jam. By far my most pretentious game.

FullScreen - Alt+Enter

Pause  - Escape

Move - Arrows buttons, WASD

Jump - Arrow Up, W

Unlocked abilities:

Return to Checkpoint - Enter, R, Q, X, Control, Space

Turn the Tide - E, Shift

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Ready Set Jam Project 1.zip 8 MB
Ready Set Jam Project - optimized for low end PC.zip 8 MB
OST - Main Theme MP3 5 MB


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just one problem the controls 

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Really cool game ! The music and the ambience was really cool. I struggled a bit with the double jump, having to quickly press up twice is a bit weird when you are also trying to move horizontally with the same hand, I wish space was jump instead of the reset to checkpoint button. It also took me some time to understand the flip upgrade, at first I though that boxes telling me I could not flip were actually boxes I could build with my newfound power and since there was a lot of overlap in the zone after I unlock the power it wasnt very obvious and I ended up being lucky after mashing for a while.

That being said, it was fun and I reached the end, I hope you win 💪


Thanks! That’s some solid feedback. We’ll see what happens with Ready Set Jam, haven’t heard anything since I submitted the game, but I’m sure these things take awhile to get going. I’ll definitely look into some better controls in the future though