Made for the Fireside Game Jam in 9 days with GMS2. 

**If you are playing the web version, there is a bug with the GMS2.3 Update where you may need to refresh the page and click on the screen for the keyboard controls to work.**

Travel through the Flowerverse on a  quest to rejuvinate the mighty Foto-Synthesis, a hero who gains his powers from the light of the sun. The dastardly Moonbug has casted the ancient Evernight, draining the hero of his powers. You must use the sun rays to fill the hero back up with sunlight. But beware! The sunlight is a dangerous thing. What heals the hero may destroy you or anyone else in its path.

Original Art by Sid-Fish Games

Original Soundtrack and Code by Mightyjor

**If you're unable to beat a level, rather than give up, we've recorded the solutions to all the puzzles. All puzzles are beatable, we hope you give them a try as best you can!**

Full playthrough with all solutions:

**Additional Controls**

F - toggle fullscreen

R - restart level

M - main menu

P - Pause

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsMightyJor, Sid Fish Games
Made withGameMaker



Development log


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Fun little puzzle game! Good job! Don't have much else to say. I got out of it what i want out of a puzzle game like this! 

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This is a great mini puzzle game and very impressive for only 9 days.  I really like the simple premise and building blocks, and the clay aesthetic is cute.  It reminds me a lot of classic character-centric puzzle games like The Adventures of Lolo; I prefer this concrete "puzzle room" approach over more abstract kinds of puzzles.

Other than the glitch with the red orbs, I don't have much to criticize.  Great job.  I'd love to see more levels sometime!

This was good fun! like others, I got stuck on level 8, there seems to be no way to solve that one.

I liked how you introduce the puzzle elements with simple examples before using them in a more complex level :)

Hi, I wasn't able to get anywhere in level 8 in the web build - the sunlight from the red orb doesn't interact with anything. 


that’s so weird I’ve never seen that! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into it

Level 10 has the same problem, although oddly enough level 7 works fine.

I made some updates to the game and I wonder if I accidentally broke it. Well darn. 

Well I know I'm 4 months late, but Yoyo games finally got their web compiler in order and it should work fine now :) better late than never!

Great aesthetics and puzzles in this game!

I couldn't get the web build to work though, I had to download it to play.

Overall I think this was fun to play!

Thanks!  I just added the note about the web build, but it's a problem with the newest build of GMS2.3 where the keyboard controls don't work unless you refresh the page and click on the screen. Sorry about that!