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**The entire game is played with mouse only**

Be a fairytale doctor and diagnose/treat your magical patients!


1) Read the patient's chart to determine what they need as well as any allergies, injuries, conditions, etc.

2) Review possible medicine to prescribe to them. Be careful, lots of medicines have side effects and allergens that could be deadly to your patients!

3) Combine ingredients to create compound medicines to solve each of your patient's maladies!


- The patient's chart will give you much more information than just name and allergies. Be sure to be aware of name, height, weight, age, etc. before prescribing a medicine to them!

- Right clicking on a potion book will place an "X" over it so you can keep track of which potions  are wrong for your patient.

- You may at times need to combine potions to solve all the patient's problems. Just combine all ingredients from both potions and hit create to combine them.

- Press N to go to the next level (or skip the opening cutscene)


- Medieval Game UI by Acasas

- Gui Icons Pack https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/gui-icons-pack-1-1818/

- Fantasy BG - craftpix.net

- Music - Andre Sitkov

- SFX - Zapsplat.com

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TagsFairy Tale, Medieval


Kings Horse MD - Windows.zip 11 MB


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I'm quite loving my time with this, bro! It features some critical thinking, which I love (RIP to the boy I made have an unsustainable urge to knit). Graphics are clean and the music is awesome.

Intro was very clever too! Overall, Wonderful job!

EDIT: I did run into a slight issue. I have colorblind issues between blue and purple. A lot of times, the patient died because the colors look so similar to me.


Thanks for trying it out! And dang I didn’t even think about the blue/purple issue. I’ll look into solving that. And I’m glad it all made sense! I was really worried it would be to confusing to get into, but seems like you got through ok :) appreciate the support!


Just a quick update, I added some symbols on the potions so that should fix the colorblind issue :)