A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Ludum Dare 50 - Theme: Delay the Inevitable

Controls - Move/Jump - WASD/Arrows

Try and pop as many bubbles as you can before the time runs out! You start with a ten second timer, but popping bubbles will give you more time! Stay in the air to increase your combo, which adds a multiplier to how much time you get for each bubble popped!


All code and game design created during jam period. 

Music and SFX made prior to jam by me.

Environmental Art - craftpix.net

Character Sprite - https://chr15m.itch.io/doodle-rogue-tileset

Art for title, bubble and bomb created during jam period by me.


Lava Hop - Ludum Dare 50.zip 42 MB


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Nice! Took me a few tries to beat 50 but I got it eventually. Fun gameplay, challenging, good polish for a game jam game.

congrats! Thanks for trying it out! Looking forward to our local jam :)

Fun, short yet weirdly addictive game. It gives me the feeling of bursting bubble wrap, once a game is over I want to try again !

My only really small nit picking would be controls in the main menu, the movement was really fast, pressing just a little would move the selection twice, making it hard to select something.


Awesome, thank you for playing! And I think I actually fixed that menu bug in a later build, forgot to update it on here, but yeah it’s really bad lol thanks again!

Got to check this out! Really fun stuff, loved poppin some bubbles :D Very satisying haha Good luck on your submission!

Thanks a bunch Manisha! 

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Current high score by me is 698

Current high score by SpaceSpy is 1447

Good luck everyone!