A downloadable game for Windows

The card game prototype I made for what might be a full game I release at some point! Eventually I would like you to be able to collect cards and battle them, but for now all cards are dealt randomly. Now featuring bots to play against!


BG - Craftpix.net
Monster images - https://aekashics.itch.io/aekashics-librarium-librarium-static-batch-megapack
Music - Lyric Fantasy Background Music Pack - Andrew Sitkov
SFX - Zapsplat.com
Everything else by me


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GenreCard Game


Post Jam (with AI) 9 MB
Jam Version 9 MB


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Really nice game! I think it still needs some tweaking cause it's almost impossible to lose if you just place your green cards, blue cards and red cards in that order. I also find the easy mode to be the hardest cause i lost a couple times by running out of space to put my cards on whereas in normal and hard i had too much space. Maybe instead of having all the cards there from the very beginning, you get them 1 by 1 from a deck and then you'll have to think if you should place that card down or not cause maybe the next card will be better use of space? You'd then of course have to implement a skip button and probably change how you can win all kinds of other changes. Maybe it won't work i'm not sure i'm just throwing in ideas :D Either way i liked it!


Thanks so much for playing through and for the feedback! There’s definitely some tweaking necessary to the gameplay as it’s a very early prototype. I think I may want to adjust it so that you can buy new cards with grass as well. I think ideally the computer would have different strategies as well. For example, if they were to lay down a bunch of ice at the beginning, it would kill your grass and make it impossible to merge. But since the AI is stupid, that doesn’t really happen. Also, I think you get way too much grass. I used to have it so merging subtracted that amount of grass from your total but took that out, but I don’t think I balanced it right after. 

I honestly wasn’t sure what order to do easy, medium hard in for the exact reason you said. Ultimately I decided easy was 3 spaces just because it was less overwhelming for newbies, but I probably should have removed some of the cards in the hand as well. 

Drawing cards one by one might work, but it wouldn’t feel as much like Gwent which is what I was going for, since for some reason Gwent is an Mature rated game and I wanted to have something that was family friendly. I think if I were to lower the total amount of cards on the field it would probably help, and then give you a way to draw more of them. 

Anyway, you’ve given me a lot to consider! Once I’ve made some changes I’ll get back to you and see if you can have another go!

You know where to find me!

Please, make a singleplayer mode vs AI bot.

it’s still in the works :)

Single player version against Bot is up!