Randy is a man born in the eastern farm country of Oklahoma. While he was never particularly great in school, he managed to find a particular talent with automobiles and started to love the assembly and disassembly of the parts. 

As Randy grew older, he married a sweet woman born on the same day as him and shared the middle name Jaden, which they would name their oldest son. Randy couldn’t be prouder than the moment he first laid eyes on his little boy. 

As the child grew, Randy needed to find fun ways to entertain the child. With his many years as an auto mechanic, Randy had developed a keen sense of coordination between both hands. Soon, he found his unique ability. One that would entertain his children and challenge him mentally and physically. 

This demo presents to you Randy’s special ability. 


- never before used ability in any game

- truly mind melting coordination between hands

Credits: Background from Craftpix.net


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This is what peak gaming looks like. AND THE STORY, don't even get me started on the story... I already love this character so much and feel so attached. Hope to see more of randy in the future rounds!

Thanks so much! I hope to be able to expand his story in future rounds :)

I think I saw Randy yesterday. Didn't realize we lived so close to each other. Perhaps he can take a look at my car?

Randy has his hands a bit tied up at the moment with…other things. But he should be free as soon as GDKO is over :)

Randy is the peak of humankind because of his abilities. Humanity will not progress further than this.

This could very well be true

Deleted post

Thanks bud! I pride myself on doing better than cyberpunk. I have an entire game dedicated to roasting them!

this is definitely going to be game of the year 2022

I think it could be game of the year in 2023 as well, maybe if we’re lucky 2024 as well?

I need this to be on steam

perhaps it shall be?

This triple A title is mind-blowingly underrated. Randy's abilities and military genius show him to be an essential character in the history of games.

Thank you! He’s a real gem :)