**WARNING: This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore...for some reason. Ok, it's not really that bad but there's some awesome head explosions.**

A puzzle game heavily inspired by Resident Evil, you must collect limited ammo, kill/avoid the cultists, and escape the village! There are currently 10 levels which can be played in any order, though it is recommended to start with the intro. 

If you run into any bugs, please let me know! Also let me know if there is any interest of a mobile port or full release of this game. Thanks so much for playing! Also, the ending is pretty fun so if you've only got time for one level and don't mind some mindless shooting, give that a go!

**DUE TO WEIRD ANNOYING BUGS, THE WHOLE LIGHTING ENGINE HAD TO BE CUT FROM THE HTML PORT. As such, the windows version is the more pretty version of the game, but I understand not everyone has time to download a game, so play however you like!**


ShootsAndLadders.zip 20 MB

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