A downloadable game for Windows

Play the mobile version on your phone browser here:

Combine the blocks into the correct shapes to beat the puzzles! Intended for mobile, but fully playable on PC.


Arrows, WASD, Swipe - Move active block

"Z" - Undo

"R" - Restart Level

"Escape" - Pause the game

Accessibility Options:

Game includes different color blocks and patterned blocks that can be changed in the settings menu. There is also a grid that can be toggled on and off and the colors, thickness, transparency can all be modified.


Code, level design, game design, logos: Mightyjor

Music: MuzStation Game Music

Base art (much of it has been modified): CruizRf

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)


Textrix Windows.zip 39 MB


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I like it ! Good job ;-)

I really enjoyed this, man! I love how it's coming along!

This was a blast to play! Is the blank screen the final level?

nice job! This is still the prototype just to get some playtesting, so yep you got to the end of this version. Congrats! Im testing out the opera gx mobile version right now to see how well that works., so far it plays real nice on a phone. I think this demo has about 9 or 10 levels, current game has about 20. The puzzles are so easy to make though I might release it on the App Store with 200 or 300 puzzles

good puzzles

thanks for checking them out!